qEEG Analysis: An Overview...

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Simply put –

"The qEEG has given me back control of my life, limited my stress, increased my productivity, and has become my passion and mission in life: To educate anyone and everyone about qEEG that desires to be more productive or happier in their daily life"

- Kyle Ferroly, MS, MAEPH, BCIA-EEG
Here's an overview of qEEG assessment & Analysis:

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We don’t have to wait until we have something medically wrong.
Instead, we should start today and receive an outside and objective
viewpoint of how we’re doing and how much better we could be doing
if we regulate our brain’s activity.
The Mind/Brain Interaction:
Our mind can trigger our brain, and our brain can also trigger our mind. Therefore, even if we "think" we have our mind under control, our brain may not be balanced, nor functioning at a level that offers us our greatest level of productivity and happiness. However, living each day in a dull routine, we become numb to the warning signs of stress and the brain needing a little tweak.

I'm sure many of you can relate. There are times I can get overwhelmed, bite off more than I could chew, have trouble focusing when my mind is elsewhere, and may have trouble falling asleep on occasion. These are commonplace in our society, and seem to be minimal, not debilitating. However, these observations are the warning signs that our brain is not balanced. We don't have a check engine light that goes on when our brain needs a tune up, and we're taught in our society to "snap out of it" and move forward.

Nevertheless, I feel many of us fall into a "gray area" of limited productivity and happiness. We're not seeking medical treatment, yet we're not Dr. Phil or Tony Robbins either. Most of us "think" we’re doing ok in our lives, yet we know we could be doing better. After my first qEEG, I was able to connect the dots between my beliefs, my thoughts, and my actions in my daily life. I saw how I was “getting by,” yet could be doing much better.

The qEEG will open doors, and turn on the light so you can see what you were just about to trip on in the dark. Being “ok” and getting by shouldn’t be the norm. Neuroscience provides us with an amazing tool, and we should be using it, both in the clinics and outside the clinics.

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