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The abstract version:

The Inner Rhythms company has quite a story.  What was planned as a single audio CD to aid in relaxation transpired into founder, Kyle Ferroly, becoming nationally certified in Neurotherapy, and to later transition into education and awareness of the qEEG assessment (brainmap).


  Here’s the long version:

Upon graduating with his Master’s in Educational Psychology/Counseling, Kyle Ferroly founded the A Light of Hope company.  Since 2004, he has been creating supplemental therapeutic audio programs for mental health clinicians' resource libraries as well as for individual home use.  These are spoken word audio programs for aid in sleep, depression, relaxation, etc. 

After stumbling upon the topic of Brainwave Entrainment, Kyle became fascinated by the idea of using sound to alter the brain and scientifically produce a relaxed state. Having completed a graduate program which stressed research, Kyle saw the importance in measuring what and how this Brainwave Entrainment technology was altering brain function. This, in turn, required understanding of EEG and the ability to run an EEG machine. It probably goes without saying that such a specialized piece of medical/clinical equipment can’t be picked up at the local electronics superstore. Therefore, Kyle began a new journey, studying Neuroscience & Physiology under the mentorship of Senior Fellow Gib Koula, MS, LCSW BCIA-EEG.  Upon passing his Certification Board, and becoming nationally certified in Neurotherapy, the Inner Rhythms company was born in 2008.

Kyle moved forward with the Neurotherapy practice immediately, and requested the knowledge and experience of Dr. Anne Weston, Ph.D, of the South Street Clinic as Clinical Director, as well as Dr. Alan Wilson, Ph.D, another pioneer in the field of Psychology and Neurofeedback, to collaborate on Neurofeedback training and assessment.  Within months, Kyle was introduced to the world of qEEG or Brainmapping.

Under the training and instruction of Alex Sanchez, BCIA-EEG, a student of pioneer, Dr. Joel Lubar, Ph.D, one of the founding fathers in the field of Neurotherapy, Kyle began learning the qEEG.  However, his first lesson was on himself.  Upon having a qEEG brainmap assessment performed, Kyle was within a new frontier of understanding the mind and the brain.  His thoughts are below:

“I can’t begin to explain the extreme level of knowledge and insight that the qEEG assessment brought to my life.  Being a certified Neurotherapist, I felt confident in helping my clients with Neurofeedback, yet this brain map (qEEG) zooms in on what isreally going on in the brain.  I was able to compare what my clients were telling me about their issues/problems to the objective data from the qEEG assessment." -Kyle Ferroly

The Shift in Scope and Mission: After several years of offering Neurofeedback and using the qEEG brainmap assessment, Kyle saw the growing need to educate and increase people’s knowledge of brain function, thus limiting his Neurofeedback practice. Kyle has said, “There’s a growing need to educate and inspire the average person on how much better their lives could be if they understand what their brain is doing and ensure it’s running optimally.” Here’s the irony: the original program that was supposed to be a single audio disc for general relaxation, titled inner rhythms, took a much different journey. It is now a company of its own name, offering more than a just a relaxation disc, it is offering a knowledge base, an objective assessment of the qEEG brainmap assessment, and a realistic starting point for increased happiness and productivity.

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